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2014 Tournament Schedule

Description of GAMES - Scroll down below tournament schedule or CLICK HERE to open up a word document. 

 Special Tournaments are in BLUE bold and italic


Bunker Shots:

STROKE SAVER TIP FROM THE TOURNAMENT DIVAS - This tip is intended to be informational only.  You are free to use it or excuse it.  Our intention is only to give you an option that you may or may not have considered.




25   Kickoff Coffee (9:30 am) see front page for details




  4   Ambrose 3 man Scramble "Shotgun" ABC Mixer 
11   Divine Nine
18   QUOTA
25   "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes (AERIFICATION of Greens)




ABC - 2 Best balls of Threesome "Shotgun"
15   "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes
29   HATE 'EM



6     Practice day for Member/Guest

13   Special Ball 
 "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes (SAME DAY AS TARA)
27   Mutt & Jeff




10   Modified Nassau 
24    Three, Four, Five (Same Day as Rivernorth)             



 1   Flag Day

 8   Divine Nine
17   "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes (**THURSDAY**)
22   River North Event (Quota) "Shotgun"



  5   Beat the Pro
 "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes
19   Guest Day/"Fewest Putts" - Shotgun



  2   3 Clubs & Putter (AERIFICATION)

  9   Mutt & Jeff
16/17   MEMBER/MEMBER - "Shotgun"
 "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes



  2   QUOTA (***THURSDAY**)
Modified Nassau 
 "No Hostess" - sign-up 3 or 4-somes
28   Haloween Fun (Stringball)



 4   Special Ball 
11   TURKEY SHOOT (Quota/Flighted)
End of Year LUNCHEON


TBD Christmas Party



2014 Description of Games





Note, whenever scorecards are stroked by the Pro Shop, it is each player’s responsibility to
make sure her strokes are correct
before teeing off.

ABC 2 Best balls of Threesome-  Teams will be assigned to have one “A’, one “B” and one “C’ player on each team.  Cards will be stroked by the Pro Shop.  Play your own ball, taking the 2 best “net” balls of the 3-some for the team score.  If your ball is NOT needed for the team score, please pick up and record your “most likely” score or ESC max for posting purposes and put an X beside your score on that hole.

Ambrose 3-man Scramble  -  Teams will be assigned to have one “A’, one “B” and one “C’ player on each team. All players tee off, the best shot is selected and its position marked.  All players may place their ball within one club length (no nearer the hole and in the same condition...i.e. if selected ball is in the rough or in a bunker then all balls must be played from the rough, bunker, etc.) of the marked spot and play their next shot.  The best second shot is selected, marked, etc.  Play continues this way until the ball is holed out.  The team will be assigned a team handicap (total player handicaps divided by 6) and this team handicap will be subtracted from the team’s gross score at the completion of the round.  Each player’s drive must be used at least 3 times.

Beat the Pro - Stroke play with full handicaps and will be flighted.  There will be 2 net winners in each flight.


Divine Nine – After you have completed your round, choose your two best Par 5 scores, two best Par 3 scores, and five best Par 4 scores to give yourself a nine hole total. 50% of your handicap will be subtracted from your nine hole gross score.  Note, if you cannot do better than a score you already have (example: you have 7’s on two Par 5’s already and are lying 7 on another Par 5) please pick up and record your “most likely” score or ESC max and put an X beside your score on that hole.


Flag Day -  Each player receives a flag with name and par plus handicap. Play until you use all your strokes, place your flag near the cart path in line with your last shot.  Write on score sheet plus or minus strokes remaining.

Guest Day –  Bring a guest (no guest greens fee…just their cart fee) or play with another member. Stroke play; “Fewest Putts” win.  No regular player’s pool.  Special $2 pot to include the guests.   Shotgun.

Handicap Tournament - 2 Day Major Tournament using Handicaps for the Net Champion and runner-up and a Senior Net Champion and runner-up.  

Hate’em - Before teeing off, each player circles a par 3, a par 4 and a par 5 that she hates. Convert score to par on these 3 holes.  “Adjusted” gross score less 80% of handicap for your adjusted “net” score.  Flighted.

Halloween Fun (Stringball) -  Instead of handicap strokes, each player is allocated one foot of string for every shot of her handicap. Each player can move the ball by measuring the distance moved and cutting that amount from her allotted string. You can use the string to remove your ball from hazards, get it out of a difficult lie or to hole out.  You may pick up on a hole once you have reached your ESC max score.  Flighted.

IHWGA Club Championship – 2 Day Major Tournament - flighted.

Lucky Fours- Total all par fours and subtract ½ your handicap for your score.  Putt out on all par 4’s.  On the par 3’s and par 5’s you may pick-up and record your “most likely” score, not to exceed your maximum ESC score for those holes.


Member/Member- 2 Day Major Tournament with 2 person teams.  Format to be determined by Vice President of IHWGA. 

Modified Nassau  -  Cards will be stroked by the Pro Shop.  18 hole stroke play.  Best “back” – net;  Best “front” – net;  Best Over-all Gross.  Two winners for back; two winners for front;  two over-all gross winners.

Mutt & Jeff – Cards will be stroked by the Pro Shop.  Record your net score on par 3 and par 5 holes, add them together for your total on those long and short holes.  Putt out on all par 3’s and par 5’s.  On the par 4’s you may pick-up and record your “most likely” score, not to exceed your maximum ESC score for those holes.

No Hostess days – Sign up as either threesomes or foursomes.  Play whatever game your group wants…or use the day as a practice round.  If you use this day to play a match, only one match is allowed in each tee time.  No IHWGA player’s pool on these days and no Chip in pot.  You MAY post your ringers and may also get credit for birdies if your group agrees that the format you played warrants it.  It is the player’s responsibility to email LuAnn with information about your birdies or else you will not get credit.

Quota - Handicap is subtracted from 54 to determine number of points needed to earn your quota. Quota is the sum of points for double bogey (1), bogey (2) par (3), birdie (4) and eagle (5) for each of the 18 holes. Pick up after double bogey. The players who come closest to or exceed their quota by the most points are the winners.

3 Clubs and a Putter - Before teeing off, pick three clubs in addition to your putter that you will use to play the round.  You may pick up on a hole once you have reached your ESC max score.  The field will be flighted and full handicaps will apply.  

“Special” Ball - Each group is given a “special” ball at the start of the round.  Cards will be stroked by the Pro Shop.  One player will play the “special” ball on the first hole, a different player on the second hole and the third player on the third hole, continuing this rotation through the round.  On each hole, circle the player with the “special” ball.  The team score on each hole will be the special ball’s “net” score plus the best net score of the other two player’s balls.  The player with the “special” ball and at least one of the other two players must putt the ball out on each hole.  If the “special” ball is lost during the round, the team may create another specially marked ball to be the “special” ball.

Three, Four, Five Take 3 best “net” scores on the par 3’s, two best “net” on par 4’s, and one best “net” on par 5’s.  Played as a team.  Cards stroked by Pro Shop.

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